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Trinidad: Piping Guan Quest
March 14-15, 2016
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Trinidad: The Best of Asa Wright
March 15-19, 2016
>Info & reservations

Tobago: Little Gem of the Caribbean
March 19-24, 2016
>Info & reservations

Lesvos: Spring Migration Magic
April 23-30, 2016
>Info & reservations

Minnesota: Connecticut Warbler Special!
plus Boreal Extension
June 10-15, 2016
>Info & reservations

Svalbard: Ice Bears & Ivory Gulls
June 15-22, 2016
>Info & reservations

Pantanal Wildlife Safari

July 9-19, 2016
>Info & reservations

Shoebill & Gorilla Special

July 30-Aug 7, 2016
>Info & reservations

Hummingbirds, Owls & more!

July 31-Aug 8, 2016
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Panama: Darien Lowlands!
September 4-9, 2016
>Info & reservations

Chile: Condors, Penguins and Pumas in Patagonia
Oct 11-20, 2016
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Guyana: Jewel of the Neotropics
Oct 30-Nov 13, 2016
>Info & reservations

Namibia, Botswana & Victoria Falls
Nov 28-Dec 7, 2016
>Info & reservations

New Mexico: Bosque del Apache
Dec 3-10, 2016
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Thailand! Chiang Mai, Spoon-billed Sandpiper & Kaeng Krachan
With Kevin T. Karlson
January 7-18, 2017
>Info & reservations

New Zealand Endemics & Seabirds
February 5-23, 2017
>Info & reservations

Bocas del Toro & Tranquilo Bay

March 4-11, 2017
>Info & reservations

Morocco: The Sahara to the Atlantic Coast
March 28-April 7, 2017
>Info & reservations

plus Havana extension

April 2-13, 2017
>Info & reservations

Wildlife Cruise

Sept 23-Oct 1, 2017
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Sunrise Birding LLC offers small group bird watching tours and wildlife safaris worldwide.  Our tours are personalized, professional, offer great value, and are intended to reveal the splendor and diversity of the natural world. 

Founded by tour leader and naturalist Gina Nichol, Sunrise Birding LLC has gained a reputation for using the best local guides in combination with our expert leaders and finding the target species and seeing them well—all at a reasonable pace and for a value price.

The success of our tours has attracted world-wide attention and a loyal following. See what the buzz is about! The photo galleries, trip reports, and clients speak for themselves!

October 11-20, 2016
King Penguins by Claudio Vidal.
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Above: King Penguins
Photo by Claudio Vidal

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How Sunrise Birding Began
. . .
In 1990, as a Naturalist for the National Audubon Society, Gina Nichol was asked by Audubon Nature Odysseys to lead a tour along the Columbia and Snake Rivers in the Pacific Northwest.  More>

Our tours feature:
    • Carefully planned itineraries, great birding
    • Knowledgeable leaders, enthusiastic and eager to share their expertise
    • The best local guides, adept at finding the wildlife and making sure that everyone sees it.
    • Excellent value!

Our itineraries offer the benefits of small group travel including flexibility, attention to detail, pleasant camaraderie, reduced prices, reduced waiting times, and more opportunities to appreciate the unexpected.

We keep tour costs low and extremely competitive by minimizing administrative and advertising expenses. The result is tours that are affordable and offer exceptional value while maintaining the highest standards.

Join Sunrise Birding to discover, explore,
and marvel at the wonders of nature

Sunrise Birding travelers in Galápagos
Photo by Gina Nicho

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Flamingos, Lake Nakuru, Kenya. Photo by Gina Nichol.

Silver-throated Tanager, Costa Rica.  Photo by Gina Nichol. Giant Otter, Brazil. Photo by Gina Nichol. Fiery-throated Hummingbird, Costa Rica. Photo by Gina Nichol. Yellow-eared Parrots, Colombia. Photo by Steve Bird.

Photo credits (top to bottom):
Jaguar, Pantanal by Gina Nichol; Snowy-bellied Hummingbird, Panama by Diego Calderon; Keel-billed Toucan, Panama by Diego Calderon; Hoatzin, Guyana, by
Gina Nichol; King Penguin, Chile, Photo by Claudio Vidal; Galapagos Tortoise and group, Galapagos by Gina Nichol; Birders, Cape Cod, Massachusetts by Gloria Beebe; Lesser Flamingos, Lake Nakuru, Kenya by Gina Nichol; Silver-throated Tanager, Costa Rica by Gina Nichol; Giant Otter, Pantanal, by Gina Nichol; Fiery-throated Hummingbird, Costa Rica by Gina Nichol; Yellow-eared Parrots, Colombia by Steve Bird.

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