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Svalbard: Ice Bears & Ivory Gulls
June 15-22, 2017
>Info & reservations

Panama Canopy Camp Special
Sept 3-8, 2017
>Info & reservations

Brazil: Pantanal with Eduardo Patrial
plus Jardim da Amazonia Lodge
Sept 23-Oct 1, 2017
>Info & reservations

Wildlife Cruise

Sept 23-Oct 1, 2017
>Info & reservations

Guyana: Jewel of the Neotropics
Oct 29-Nov 11, 2017
>Info & reservations

Sri Lanka: Dragonflies
With Dennis Paulson
Nov 10-20 2017
>Info & reservations

Nicaragua: Birds & Coffee
December 2-10, 2017
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Jamaica: Endemics & Specials
December 2-9, 2017
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Bosque del Apache & Arizona
Jan 6-13, 2018
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Costa Rica Special!
Feb 3-9, 2018
>Info & reservations

Plus Tikal
Feb 17-March 3, 2018

>Info & reservations

Amazon RIver Cruise!
March 16-25, 2018
Plus Machu Picchu

>Info & reservations

Ecuador: Hummingbirds & Rarities!
March 25-April 3, 2018
Plus Canande extension

>Info & reservations

Southern Brazil
March 27-April 11, 2018
>Info & reservations

Colorado Grouse & Chickens
April 7-17, 2018
>Info & reservations

Lesvos: Spring Migration Magic!
April 21-28, 2018
>Info & reservations

Finland: Owls, Grouse & more
May 28-June 3, 2018
>Info & reservations

Norway: Lapland & Varanger
June 3-9, 2018
>Info & reservations

Chile: Penguins, Condors & Pumas
October 10-20, 2018
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Sunrise Birding Group is First to See Newly Discovered Harpy Eagle Nest in Panama's Darien!
Harpy Eagle. Panama. Photo by Luke Tiller.

Sunrise Birding was the first group to see this Harpy Eagle during our Canopy Camp Special in Panama's Darien Lowlands in early September under the leadership of Carlos Bethancourt and Luke Tiller! Other highlights included Black Oropendola, Double-banded Graytail, Bicolored Hawk, Cerulean Warbler and a clean sweep of the Jacamars in this region of Panama with Dusky-backed, Rufous-tailed and Great Jacamar. A total of 240 species was recorded on this trip. See the Trip Report (pdf)> and Species List> and join us in 2017! Contact for more information.

PANAMA! Darién Lowlands

September 3 - 8, 2017
Info & reservations>

Photo:  Harpy Eagle by Luke Tiller

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Sunrise Birding's ethos is to provide the best possible birding experience for the best value. We maintain high standards and have gained a reputation for using the best local guides in combination with our expert leaders and finding the target species and seeing them well—all at a reasonable pace and for a value price.

See what the buzz is about! The photo galleries, trip reports, and clients speak for themselves! A complete schedule of Sunrise Birding LLC events is online at this link>   

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European Bee-eaters. Lesvos 2016. Photo by Gina Nichol.
European Bee-eaters. Lesvos 2016. Photo by Gina Nichol.  Trip Report>

Pied Avocets. Lesvos 2016. Photo by Gina Nichol.
Pied Avocets. Lesvos 2016. Photo by Gina Nichol. Trip Report>

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