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Moussier's Redstart, MoroccoMOROCCO
Spring Migration

March 8 - 17, 2025

With one of the most interesting avifaunas in the Western Palearctic, Morocco attracts bird watchers from all over the world to see some very special species and near endemics. The critically endangered Bald Ibis, Cream-colored Courser, Levaillant’s Woodpecker, Moussier’s Redstart, Black-crowned Tchagra, Thick-billed Lark, Crimson-winged Finch and Desert Sparrow are just a few of the avian treasures on offer.This tour is offered by our affiliate, Bird's Wildlife & Nature LTD and will be led by Gina Nichol, Steve Bird, and local guides.

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Bald Ibis, Morocco

Photos, above: Moussier's Redstart, Hoopoe Lark, Bald Ibis