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Jamaica: 29 Endemics
Jan 21-27, 2024
>Info & reservations

Lesser Antilles:
Every Endemic Tour!

Jan 22-Feb 4, 2024
>Info & reservations

Japan: Winter Specialties
February 4-15, 2024
>Info & reservations

Minnesota: Boreal Specialties
February 22-27, 2024
>Info & reservations

Costa Rica:
Toucan/Tanager Special

March 16-23, 2024
>Info & reservations

Costa Rica Special
March 22-29, 2024
>Info & reservations

Vietnam: Endemics & Specialties
Mar 27-Apr 7, 2024
>Info & reservations

Cyprus: Med Specialties
April 9-15, 2024
>Info & reservations

Trinidad & Tobago
April 12-20, 2024
>Info & reservations

Lesvos: Spring Migration
April 17/20-27, 2024
>Info & reservations

Owls & Grouse

May 18-24, 2024
>Info & reservations

Varanger Peninsula

May 24-30, 2024
>Info & reservations

Brazil: Pantanal Wildlife Safari
Sep 1-10, 2024
>Info & reservations

Spain: Fall Migration
Aug 31-Sep 14, 2024
>Info & reservations

Jocotoco Lodges Special!
Sep 8-21, 2024
>Info & reservations

Panama: Raptor Migration
Oct 24-Nov 3, 2024
Private tour

with Diego Calderon
Plus Blue-throated Macaw & San Pedro Tanager

Oct 31-Nov 15, 2024
>Info & reservations

Morocco: Spring Migration
March 8-17, 2025
>Info & reservations

Bhutan: Birds & Culture
April 20-May 5, 2025
>Info & reservations

Solomon Islands
May 15-June 3/8, 2025
>Info & reservations

Brazil: Pantanal
September 2025
Info soon!

West Papua
Sept 16-29, 2025
>Info & reservations

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As of December 5, 2023, Sunrise Birding LLC will no longer ask for proof of Covid vaccination as a requirement to travel on our tours. We strongly recommend that our travelers stay up to date with the latest CDC recommendations for Covid, routine vaccines, and travel health. And, we ask our travelers to pursue the highest level of precautions to protect themselves and their fellow travelers from illness.

Some destinations may have their own health requirements in place and we are obliged to follow them. More information can be obtained at the CDC Traveler's Health page at this link: It is also recommended that you consult with your personal physician prior to any travel.

Please monitor your health as the tour approaches and be vigilant about staying healthy.
If you have Covid, the flu, or another serious, contagious illness, please do not join the tour.

Should you become ill or injured on a tour, please ask for medical care if needed and we will help make arrangements. Please make sure that we have a reliable emergency contact in advance of the tour so that transportation home or to a medical facility can be coordinated with someone back home. Please complete and return the HEALTH INFORMATION FORM with this information. We also strongly recommend that you secure a good trip insurance policy (see below).

If you are exhibiting respiratory symptoms, coughing, sneezing etc., you may be required to wear a mask while in vehicles and any time that you are in close proximity to other members of the group. You should bring a supply of good quality masks for yourself. If you are not exhibiting symptoms and want to, by all means, wear a mask.

If you exhibit infectious disease symptoms, you may be required to remain separate from the group until the symptoms subside. A plan for re-entry with the group will be formulated on a case-by-case basis with careful consideration given to the CDCs latest guidance. Any costs incurred by a participant who is ill or exhibits symptoms and must remain separate from the group will be their own responsibility. A good trip insurance policy should cover this, so do check with your provider.

Coughing and sneezing are natural behaviors and not all coughs and sneezes mean Covid or other respiratory illness. If you have to cough or sneeze, please follow good etiquette and do it away from people, cover your mouth/nose with your arm, and cough into the inside of your elbow.

You may wish to bring a supply of disinfectant wipes for use during the tour to wipe surfaces as needed. Tour participants should carry an ample supply of liquid or gel hand sanitizer especially since there may be times when sanitary facilities with running water to wash hands may not be available. Products of 60% alcohol content are recommended by the CDC. Frequent hand washing, to the extent possible, should occur.

If you develop symptoms of, or test positive for, Covid-19 or any other contagious illness within 14 days of returning from your Sunrise Birding tour, please notify Sunrise Birding LLC immediately, as we may need to notify other participants that were on the tour with you.

As always, Sunrise Birding LLC strongly recommends that you secure a travel protection plan to protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected in case of delay, injury, illness, covid disruptions or quarantine prior to or during a tour. Travel protection plans can cover can include coverage for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation, Trip Delay, Baggage Loss and Delay, Emergency Medical Transportation, Pre-existing Conditions, and more. Should your tour be interrupted by illness, your insurer will be an important source of information and support. Travelers should discuss and be familiar with the benefits of his or her policy with your travel insurance professional.
For more information, start at:

Any and all costs arising from injury, illness, or Covid-19 related issues are not included in the tour cost and are the sole responsibility of the traveler. These include among others the costs of medical assessment and treatment, hospitalization, medical fees, transport, meals and accommodation in case of illness, separation from the group, quarantine, and the costs of any health-related tests needed before, during and after the tour. Again, check your trip insurance policy for coverage and claim procedures.


We strongly recommend that you consult with your physician and check the CDC website as you prepare for your tour. The CDC website has the latest guidance at As standard travel precautions and as per CDC guidelines, you should be up to date with recommended vaccinations including: Chickenpox (Varicella), Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis, Flu (influenza), Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR), Polio, Shingles, and others.

If you are taking prescription medication or over-the-counter medicine, be sure to bring an ample supply that will allow you to get through the tour and extra in case your stay is extended for any reason.
Pack medication in your carry-on baggage, preferably in original containers or packaging.

As with any travel, minor intestinal problems are possible and you should be prepared with a remedy for traveler’s diarrhea. Consult with your physician for updated information, prevention, and remedies.

We are continuing to monitor and update recommendations for Travel/Health protocols on our tours. These protocols are subject to change as new information warrants. We recognize that we cannot control every exposure and the cooperation of our travelers is paramount in protecting the health and safety of all of the group members, leaders, drivers, and guides.

For questions about our current Travel/Health Protocols, contact [email protected].


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World Health Organization Covid-19 Information>

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