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Yellowstone Wildlife
Photos by Gina Nichol
These photos were taken in May 2006 during a scouting trip for a 2007 tour for a private group to the Greater Yellowstone area.  A Sunrise Birding tour is being planned!  If you would like more information about this tour, contact Gina Nichol at [email protected]. 

American_Avocet American_Avocet.jpg Bison Bison.jpg Bison_with_young Bison_with_young...
Black_Bear_and_Cub Black_Bear_and_C... Elk_crossing_river Elk_crossing_riv... Gray_wolf Gray_wolf.jpg
Grizzly Grizzly.jpg Harlequin_Duck Harlequin_Duck.jpg Harlequin_Ducks Harlequin_Ducks.jpg
Tetons Tetons.jpg Top_of_the_World Top_of_the_World... western_meadowlark western_meadowla...
Western_Meadowlark_on_fence Western_Meadowla... Wolf_and_Raven Wolf_and_Raven.jpg Wolf_and_Ravens Wolf_and_Ravens.jpg
Wolf_on_carcass Wolf_on_carcass.jpg Wolf_Pulling_Carcass Wolf_Pulling_Car... Wolf_reflection Wolf_reflection.jpg

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