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Birding Safari

November 2011
Tour operated by Zoothera Global Birding

Leaders: Steve Bird, Gina Nichol, and local guides
Full trip report on soon

590+ bird species recorded     56 mammals 

Photo Highlights

Purple Grenadier. Photo by Gina Nichol.
Purple Grenadier

Samburu Landscape photo by Gina Nichol.
Samburu Landscape
Hueglin's Courser photo by Gina Nichol
Hueglin's Courser
White Rhino photo by Gina Nichol
White Rhino, Lake Nakuru
Abermare Cisticola photo by Gina Nichol
Abermare Cisticola
African Scops Owl photo by Gina Nichol
African Scops Owl
Blue Monkey photo by Gina Nichol
Blue Monkey
Crowned Hornbill Photo by Gina Nichol
Crowned Hornbill
Elephant photo by Gina Nichol
Bronze Sunbird photo by Gina Nichol
Bronze Sunbird

Mount Kenya Sunrise by Gina Nichol
Mount Kenya Sunrise

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July 7-16, 2012
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Rothchild's Giraffe photo by Gina Nichol
Rothchild's Giraffe

Hadada Ibis
All photos © Gina Nichol.