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Eastern, Central & Western Andes and Santa Marta
February 4 - 24, 2012

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630 bird species recorded!

Leaders: Diego Calderon, Steve Bird,
Gina Nichol and Waly Naranjo
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Top sightings as voted by tour participants:

  • Yellow-headed Manakin - A mega-rarity with several close views at Diego's secret spot!
  • Black-backed Thornbill - A hard to find Santa Marta endemic
  • Colombian Screech-owl - Another mega!
  • Crimson-mantled Woodpecker - Perhaps the most beautiful woodpecker anywhere.
  • Santa Marta Screech Owl - Gina & Steve finally caught up with this bird after 4 visits!
  • Oscellated Tapaculo - The best views ever at Altos Ventanas - the whole bird, even that crazy toe!
  • Rusty-breasted Antpitta - One of the cute awards.
  • Chestnut-naped Antpitta - Wow! In the open!
  • Yellow-eared Parrot - Close views near Jardin with an amazing fly-over right in front of us.
  • Santa Marta Tapaculo - Due to exceptional fieldcraft, we got this bird to walk out in the open across a slope right in front of us. What's with that white spot on the head???
  • White-capped Tanager - A stunner and always a welcome sight!

Colombian Screech-owl! Photo by Steve Bird.

Some highlights of this amazing tour:

  • 59 species of Hummingbird!
  • 9 species of Manakin
  • 9 species of Antpitta - all seen well!
  • 7 species of Tapaculo including prolonged views of Santa Marta Tapaculo crossing an open bank and Oscellated Tapaculo foraging!

This trip was amazing in that everyone saw everything well!
No quick tick views for this group!

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Photos © Gina Nichol