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Hoatzin. Guyana's National Bird. Photo by Gina Nichol.GUYANA
Fam Trip
Photos & Highlights
March 24 - April 6, 2010


A few highlights of this amazing trip:

  • Guianan Pied Puffbird, Rufous Crab Hawk, Blood-colored Woodpecker, Rio Branco Antbird, Hoary-throated Spinetail, Crested Doradito, Bearded Tachuri and 325+ other species
  • Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock!  3 males and a female on a nest
  • Capuchinbirds!  Five displaying at a lek near Surama Ecolodge
  • Hoatzins galore
  • Harpy Eagle building a nest
  • Giant Anteater, Giant Otter
GUYANA 2010 - Photo Highlights 
Start here to click through the slides >> or click one at a time below.
Asure Gallinule. Photo by Gina Nichol
Azure Gallinule
Lesser Nighthawk.  Photo by Gina Nichol.
Lesser Nighthawk
Green-tailed Jacamar. Photo by Gina Nichol.
Green-tailed Jacamar
Wedge-tailed Grass Finch. Photo by Gina Nichol.
Wedge-tailed Grass Finch

Spotted Puffbird. Photo by Gina Nichol
Spotted Puffbird


Great Potoo. Photo by Gina Nichol.
Great Potoo
Iwokrama Canopy Walkway. Photo by Gina Nichol.
Iwokrama Canopy Walkway

Hoatzin. Photo by Gina Nichol.

Giant Anteater. Photo by Gina Nichol.
Giant Anteater
Kaietur gorge. Photo by Gina Nichol.
Kaietur Falls gorge
Kaietur Fall from the top. Photo by Gina Nichol.
Kaietur Falls from the top
Giant Amazon Water Lily
Giant Amazon Water Lily

Trip sponsored in part by the Guyana Trade and Investment Support (GTIS) Project, a joint project of the Government of Guyana and the U.S. Government. Special thanks to our hosts!  We'll be back!