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YUCATÁN SPECIALTIES                                    
Plus Cozumel endemics extension
January 27 – February 2/4, 2018

This tour is the perfect winter break for warm weather is warm and the birding fantastic. Join us to explore Mexico’s Yucatán where we will search for an appealing number of endemic birds and specialties plus several Cozumel endemics. 
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PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Easy!      2 places left!          
July 1 – 9/12, 2018
Unspoiled rainforests melt into meandering rivers, coastal swamps and woodlands where over 700 species of birds are found, on the world’s richest island for endemics. This tour is different in that we have designed it so that it will suit birders of all ages who prefer an easier pace and opportunities to savour the birds and enjoy the grounds of some of Papua New Guinea’s most famous birding lodges. There will be fabulous boat trips and even a huge bird table that attracts birds-of-paradise. MORE INFO (pdf itinerary)>

PENINSULAR MALAYSIA                       
July 26 – August 6, 2018
We will be visiting the three most famous birding sites of this region, namely Kuala Selangor, Fraser’s Hill, and Taman Negara. From the coastal mangroves of Kuala Selangor to the forested trails of Fraser’s Hill and Taman Negara we will be on the look out for an amazing variety of birds and some interesting mammals. Malaysia is a modern country with a high standard of living so you can expect good, comfortable accommodations throughout the tour. MORE INFO (pdf itinerary)>

Sapphine Flutterer SRI LANKA DRAGONFLIES with Dennis Paulson
November 24 - December 4, 2018
See a good variety of Sri Lanka's endemic dragonflies with the top local expert and Dennis Paulson. In Sinharaja, Kitulgala, Newara Eliya and Sigiriya, we will search ponds, streams, rivers, wetlands for these winged wonders and also look for many of the endemic bird species, butterflies, mammals and reptiles.
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November 24 - December 8, 2018

Enjoy Spectacular birding, volcanoes and Maya Ruins in this very special country.  See Pink-headed Warbler and the mythical Horned Guan. Imagine Orange-breasted Falcons perching on the Mayan ruins at Tikal, and Morelet's Crocodile in the rivers, abundant colorful tropical birds, butterflies, dragonflies and a wealth of flora. Join us for what we now consider one of the most beautiful country's in Central America.
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Snow Leopard. Photo by Bikram Grewal. SNOW LEOPARDS! Quest for the Gray Ghost!
February 25 - March 11, 2019  
               Snow Leopard. Photo by Bikram Grewal.
Just over 400 western people have ever seen this staggeringly beautiful creature in the wild and for many wildlife watchers this has become their "Holy Grail". Our chances of seeing Snow Leopards are quite high as the guides now know the habits and best places to look. We will also keep a look out for other mammals found in this part of the Himalayas such as Tibetan Wolf, Red Sheep, Lynx and Ladakh Urial. Amongst the birds we will search for Solitary Snipe, Ibisbill, White-winged Redstarts, Robin Accentor, Tibetan Snowfinch, Himalayan Snowcock and possibly Indian Eagle Owl. If seeing Snow Leopards is on your life-time bucket list then join the very best team on our quest to see the "Gray Ghost".   MORE INFO (pdf itinerary)>

Golden-bellied Starfrontlet. Photo by Fabio Arias. COLOMBIA - MITU!
March 21 - 30, 2019  
                         Golden-bellied Starfrontlet. Photo by Fabio Arias.
The diverse biodiversity of Mitu holds a great variety of species amongst habitats such as Terra Firme, White Sands, Varzea and Riparian Forests. Many Amazon  and Guianan Shield specialities can be found here and sheer variety and quality of the species on offer is astounding. For those that have been to Colombia before or for those wanting to experience somewhere new then our Mitu itinerary is a must. Add to this a few days before and afterwards looking for some very special birds this is a trip not to miss..   MORE INFO (pdf itinerary)>


January 6 - 13, 2018 with Sunrise Birding
Witness the stunning gathering of cranes and waterfowl at the wetlands of Bosque del Apache and experience magnificent mountain vistas where three different species of Rosy-finches are found. This tour features winter specialties of the southwest including a wealth of waterfowl, a stunning number and variety of sparrows and a sweep of the American Bluebird species.
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ECUADOR: Northwest & Canandé     
March 25 – April 7, 2018 with Sunrise Birding
Our special itinerary takes us to lodges teeming with hummingbirds, tanagers, tumbling rivers to streams that hold Torrent Duck and White-capped Dipper to forests filled with Toucans, Tanagers, Jacamars, Motmots, Woodpeckers, Jays, Chlorophonias, Fruiteaters and much more. We have a good chance for several rare Antpittas... MORE INFO on Sunrise Birding web site>

LESVOS: Spring Migration Magic!   
April 21 – 28, 2018 with Sunrise Birding
This stunning island has become known by birders as one of the best locations in Europe to witness spring migration. Our base in the small fishing village of Skala Kalloni is perfectly located beside some wonderfully bird rich habitats, including a reed-fringed pool right next to our hotel.
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Common Blue Female COSTA RICA: Dragonflies & Nature!        
With Dennis Paulson!   June 16 - 25, 2018  with Sunrise Birding
There are 14 different families of Odonata in Costa Rica compared to 9 in the UK and 11 in the US, making this tropical paradise the perfect place to search the rocky mountain streams, rivers, marshes and ponds for wide variety of species. With 274 species of dragonfly presently described and at least 15 undescribed, this tour aims to see a good selection of these winged gems.
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SOUTH AFRICA: Cape Special!        
August 30 - September 10, 2018  with Sunrise Birding
We begin our tour in Cape Town and from here we embark on a pelagic trip into the South Atlantic, an area famous among birders the world over for offering some of the largest concentrations of seabirds anywhere on the planet. Moving on we go to Overberg, Paarl, Tanqua Karoo, Swellendam, Grootvadersbosch, Hermanus, Cape of Good Hope, Table Mountain and an assortment of very productive nature reserves. MORE INFO on Sunrise Birding web site>

Other destinations being worked on: Brazil’s Pantanal, Spanish Pyrenees, Sichuan, Borneo, Washington State, Cuba, St Lucia & St Vincent, and more

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