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Santa Marta Warbler by Steve Bird. SANTA MARTA
Specialties & Endemics

December 7 - 14, 2019

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Colombia has quickly risen to fame as being one of the world's top birding destinations. We have designed a very nice short break to the endemic rich area of Santa Marta.  Easy to get to from the US, this is the perfect introduction to Colombia offering a great selection of specialty and endemic birds. 

Join us to discover the endemic rich area of Santa Marta in Colombia!

San Lorenzo Ridge, Santa Marta, Colombia

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White-tailed SabrewingITINERARY
Day 1 • Saturday, Dec 7, 2019 • Arrive Barranquilla

Please plan on an arrival day of the 7th Dec to Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport, Barranquilla, Colombia (BAQ). Note that this is purely an arrival day and no activities are planned. The official start of the tour will be meeting at the lobby of the Washington Plaza / Hotel Barranquilla Plaza at 7.00pm. Please note that international flight options to Barranquilla are either through a connection at Bogota or you can get direct flights through Miami. Night Washington Plaza Hotel, Barranquilla (D)


Day 2 • Sunday, Dec 8, 2019 • Salamanca to Riohacha
Russet-throated Puffbird.This morning we will make an early start to visit an area where first light gives us a chance for the endemic Chestnut-winged Chachalaca a species that sits up early morning but then soon disappears into thick cover. We should also be able to find Yellow-headed and Northern Caracaras, plus Bare-eyed Pigeon. Nearby a small wooded reserve surrounded by mangrove will give us opportunities to find the rare Sapphire-bellied Hummingbird as well as Bicolored Conebill, Least Grebe, Straight-billed Woodcreeper, Pied Puffbird, Prothonotary Warblers, Solitary Sandpiper, Golden-green Woodpecker and Bicolored Wren. Moving on to various mangrove lined pools we can expect a wealth of shorebirds including Wilson’s and Collared Plovers, Short-billed Dowitcher, Semipalmated, Western and Spotted Sandpiper, Caspian, Gull-billed and Royal Tern, Brown Pelican, Roseate Spoonbill, Tricolored, Cocoi, and Little Blue Herons, and in the scrub we could find Brown-throated Parakeet or Russet-throated Puffbird. After our extensive search of the wetlands we will continue on towards the coastal area of Riohacha. Birding along the way we should have a few chances to stop for a selection of quite different species such as Yellow Oriole, Carib Grackle, Black-crested Antshrike, Brown-crested Flycatcher, Slate-headed Tody-Flycatcher, Pale-eyed Pygmy-Tyrant and Pale-legged Hornero before reaching town. Night Casa Hotel Juan Pablo II. (B,L,D)


Chestnut PiculetDay 3 • Monday, Dec 9, 2019 •
Camarones, Los Flamencos - Minca

We will have most of the morning to explore the bird rich dry scrub and also coastal marshes and pools. An early start will take us to Camarones and Los Flamencos where we will first check out an area of coastal dry scrub. A few specialties exist here and we will make an effort to find Tocuyo Sparrow, Vermilion Cardinal, Glaucous Tanager, Chestnut Piculet, White-whiskered Spinetail, Slender-billed Inezia, Ruby Topaz, Buffy Hummingbird, Red-billed Emerald, Northern Scrub Flycatcher, White-fringed Antwren, Orinocan Saltator, Pileated Finch, Pearly-vented Tody-Tyrant, Green-rumped Parrotlet and possibly White-tailed Nightjar. Moving on to the tidal mud flats and bay we will look for American Flamingo, Roseate Spoonbill, Scarlet Ibis, Reddish Egret, Tricolored Heron, Collared Plover and a variety of other shorebirds. Amongst the Royal Terns and Laughing Gulls we could find Cabot’s Tern and quite often a surprise or two. Later in the afternoon we will make our way to Minca in the foothills of the Santa Marta Mountains and gateway to an amazing amount of endemics. (B,L,D) Night Hotel Minca.

Day 4 • Tuesday, Dec 10, 2019 • Minca – El Dorado
Black-backed AntshrikeThis morning we will check the gardens and nearby areas as we search for species such as Black-chested Jay, Bicolored Wren, Yellow Oriole, Rufous-breasted and Rufous-and-white Wrens, Collared Aracari, Whooping Motmot, Crested Oropendola, Golden-winged Sparrow, Long-billed Gnatwren, Zone-tailed Hawk and the endemic Black-backed Antshrike. There should be time to stop at an area of flowering bushes where we can hope to see another endemic the superb Blossomcrown, and nearby we should pick up different species such as Santa Marta Brush Finch and White-lored Warbler, Rusty Flowerpiercer, Black-headed Tanager, Blue-naped Chlorophonia, Lesser Violetear, Violet-crowned Woodnymph and if we are lucky the stunning Rusty-breasted Antpitta and much more difficult Santa Marta Tapaculo. We will then continue on towards El Dorado Lodge looking for Pale-eyed Pygmy Tyrant, Streaked Saltator, White-collared Swift, Golden-olive Woodpecker, Yellow-tailed Oriole, Rufous-capped Warbler, Orange-billed Nightingale Thrush, Ochre-bellied Flycatcher and possibly White-throated Toucanet or Sooty-capped Hermit. We will eventually arrive at our lodge and after settling in we can have a look at the hummingbird feeders where we hope to see endemic White-tailed Starfrontlet and Santa Marta Woodstar. A further exploration around the gardens and nearby trail that goes into the forest may reveal Santa Marta Brushfinch, Black-hooded Thrush, Golden-breasted Fruiteater, Red-billed Parrot, Crested Oropendola, Yellow-legged Thrush and possibly Grey-throated Leaftosser or even the secretive Santa Marta Antpitta. Maybe the Black-fronted Wood-Quail will be on the compost pile again! Night El Dorado Lodge (B,L,D)


rusty-breasted AntpittaDay 5 • Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019 • San Lorenzo Ridge
This morning we will have an early breakfast before attempting to find the rare and endemic Santa Marta Screech-owl. We will then continue on to the scenic heights of the San Lorenzo Ridge, a spectacular overlook of the Santa Marta mountain range and a stunning area to bird. There are many endemics up here and we will walk the quiet road in search of the Santa Marta race of Rufous Antpitta, White-throated Toucanet, Santa Marta Parakeet, Santa Marta Warbler, Santa Marta Mountain-Tanager, Santa Marta Bush-Tyrant, Santa Marta Brush-Finch, Yellow-crowned Redstart, White-lored Warbler, Rusty-headed and Streak-capped Spinetails, Strong-billed Woodcreeper, White-throated Tyrannulet, Yellow-bellied Chat-Tyrant, Blue-capped Tanager, Golden Grosbeak, Golden-bellied Fruiteater, Brown-rumped Tapaculo and more attempts to see Santa Marta Antpitta. Night El Dorado Lodge (B,L,D)

White-tipped Quetzal.Day 6 • Thursday, Dec 12, 2019 • El Dorado - Minca
If we failed to see Santa Marta Screech-Owl yesterday then we can have another try this morning. We will then take a slow walk downhill looking for any species we may have missed yesterday. Mixed flocks can always turn up a few surprises but it’s our aim to show you all the available endemics of this unique area. After lunch we will continue walking down where we have chances for several species not found higher up. The Santa Marta Foliage-Gleaner will be on our hit list as will White-tipped Quetzal, Scaly-naped Parrot, more chances for Santa Marta Tapaculo and Rusty-breasted Antpitta, Lined Quail-Dove and with luck Coppery Emerald. Eventually we will arrive at our lodge situated in the town of Minca in the foothills of Santa Marta and a haven for birds. Night Hotel Minca (B,L,D)


Day 7 • Friday, Dec 13, 2019 • Minca - Barranquilla
This morning after checking the hummingbird feeders we will take a leisurely stroll downhill in order to secure any species previously missed. We can look out for Zone-tailed Hawk, King Vulture, Keel-billed Toucan, Golden-winged Sparrow, White-throated Toucanet, Orange-crowned Oriole, Streaked, Yellow-margined, Panama and Venezuelan Flycatchers, Golden-olive Woodpecker, Scaled Piculet, Rosy Thrush-Tanager, Lineated Foliage-Gleaner, Southern Beardless-Tyrannulet and Trinidad Euphonia. We will also have second chances for Black-backed Antshrike and the newly split Santa Marta Antbird. Later we will make our way back to Barranquilla and stop to check for shorebirds or anything we may have missed in the area previously.
Night Washington Plaza Hotel, Barranquilla (B,L,D)


Golden-breasted Fruiteater.  Santa Marta Brush Finch


Day 8 • Saturday, Dec 14, 2019 - Barranquilla
Today is a day of departure so please arrange a departing flight that suits you. Depending on this time you may be able to take advantage of breakfast which is included at our hotel. (B)

Santa Marta Screech Owl.SANTA MARTA
Specialties & Endemics

December 7 - 14, 2019

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TOUR PRICE: US$2650.00 per person based on double occupancy from Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport, Barranquilla, Colombia. (Airport Code: BAQ). Price based on costs and exchange rates at the time the tour was posted (**see note below).

Single supplement: $385.00 per person.

Deposit: US$500.00 per person. Tour deposits can be paid by check or credit card via PayPal. 
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Group size: Minimum for tour to go ahead 6 and maximum 10 based on twin occupancy.

Included in cost: Accommodation in double / twin en-suite rooms with full board from Dinner on 7th Feb. to breakfast on 14th Feb., group transportation throughout the tour, (4x4s for El Dorado section) daily snacks and drinking water (please bring a refillable bottle), detailed pre-trip materials and checklists, services of local guide and tour leaders throughout the trip.


Not included: International flight, excess luggage charges, passport/visa fees, insurance, drinks, tips, and items of a personal nature.


Flights: You will book your flights from Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport, Barranquilla, Colombia. (Airport Code: BAQ). Please do not book flights until you receive confirmation from us that the tour has sufficient numbers to run. Plan to arrive at any time on the 7th Dec. You will be booked into the Washington Plaza Hotel, Barranquilla for the night of 7th Dec. The official tour starts with dinner at 7.00pm on the 7th and our tour will begin proper the following morning.

Most international flights to Barranquilla are through Bogota, Colombia or direct from Miami. Please book your book flight in accordance with this. Our tour will depart at any time on the 14th December and you are free to book a flight at any time on this day.  Note we only have included breakfast this day.

Tour Code: This is a standard birding tour with all day birding. No particular strenuous walks are planned as birding is mostly from open roads and wide tracks. To see a good amount of specialties you need to be prepared for full days. We will generally start early and either have an early breakfast or return for breakfast. Lunches will be either picnic or at the lodges depending on our schedule.

**Please note: Tour prices are based on quoted costs from ground operators, estimated fuel costs, and the rate of exchange at the time of itinerary publication. The erratic nature to global financial markets makes it difficult to predict changes in costs and foreign currency exchange rates over the long term. Since tours are priced well in advance of the actual operation of the tour, tour costs, fuel costs and exchange rates can change, sometimes drastically. Depending on the extent of such changes, it may be necessary to implement a surcharge on this tour. If a surcharge is necessary, every effort will be made to minimize the amount.

RESERVATIONS: To reserve your place on this tour, contact to hold your space! Then follow up with your completed registration form and deposit within two weeks to secure your place. Instructions are on the form. Reservations are held with a deposit on a first-come, first-served basis.    >Download & print the Registration Form. 

Contact to reserve your space! Then follow up with your completed registration form and deposit within two weeks to secure your place.

Final payment is due September 7, 2019. Check or bank transfer are preferred but credit card payments are possible (surcharges of up to 5% are added depending on amount to cover credit card company fees). Please inquire.

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